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Unlisted Assets

Unlisted Assets is a leading platform facilitating buying, selling, and exploring unlisted shares in India through a transparent and secure process, leveraging intelligence and technology for a seamless transactional experience.

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The Challenge

The primary objective of this project was to develop an MVP for multiple devices that will enable different users to trade shares for unlisted companies in an easy-to-use and transparent escrow environment.

Creating a seamless experience was the second goal, which aimed to increase the number of investors who switch from offline to online trading.

Solving For It

Because Unlisted Assets is a fintech product, investors prefer to use the web application because transactions on it can be very large. Therefore, we design the platform in web size first and then reorganise it for smaller sizes using a custom web-first methodology.


We routinely had multiple discovery calls with the financial and legal teams to comprehend the various obligations because this is a fintech product. This is a crucial step in the process to ensure we don't break any industry regulations.

Since the product has just recently been released, we are constantly testing and fixing the platform, which means we have very short deadlines for finishing these design tasks. Additionally, we are constantly being assigned new features to design.


Draft ideas are discussed during the ideation stage for the different features. We are expected to ensure maximum functionality while maintaining complete seamlessness, which is where our extensive UX expertise comes into play.

Design and Implementation

To guarantee maximum consistency across the platform, we use our extensive design system to transform our draft ideas into final screens following ideation.

To maintain the highest level of functionality and aesthetics, we also collaborate closely with the development team and perform frequent UI Quality Assurance testing.

Any design-related problems should be resolved the same day.

Design System

The first step in the UI design process was to create a unified design system, which included a system of buttons, fonts, colour schemes, modals, and other elements.

The brand made a daring decision by choosing the colours navy blue and purple. This distinguishes the product from rivals and instills confidence and a feeling of luxury.

Unfolding As We Go

We consistently communicate with our user base to learn about and address any issues they may be having with making unlisted trades. This makes it easier for us to stay on top of problems and find solutions!

Problem Statement #1

Where To Invest ?

  • The majority of ordinary investors are not aware of how unlisted shares are traded.
  • General investors do not have easy access to the financial data required to trade unlisted shares.Transactions may be costly and vulnerable to fraud.

Our Solution

  • To facilitate investors' decision-making, the platform categorises the listings according to user risk tolerance and performance.

  • For the benefit of general investors, financial reports for each company listed on our platform are shown.

Problem Statement #2

Lack of Transparency

Typically, an intermediary is involved in the unlisted share trading process, purchasing the shares and subsequently reselling them. Investors may be more vulnerable to deceptive pricing as a result, and the process loses transparency.

Our Solution

We developed an open system that allows buyers to contact sellers directly and purchase stocks in accordance with their needs. The platform guarantees that every transaction is executed in accordance with the average industry price of the stocks.

More On The Platform


Prototypes are how we evaluate the viability of every new feature we design. This gives the stakeholders a much better idea of the functionality and usability by enabling them to review it in real time.

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Proven track record of delivering outstanding products that meet the needs of the users, as well as the business goals of the company. Their ideas played a pivotal role in launching our product in record time.”

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“Minute Creative team has a proven track record of delivering outstanding products that meet the needs of the users, as well as the business goals of the company. Their ideas played a pivotal role in launching our product in record time.”

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“From the initial ideation stage to the final product, the team was involved in every step. The attention to detail was exceptional, and the final product exceeded our expectations.”

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Suvam Sahoo

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“The Minute Creative team is full of super creative, organised, good communicators with high analytical skills and they have always over-delivered.”

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