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Earn Flat 10% Recurring Revenue for Every Referral

Looking to earn side income (without a whole sidehustle)? You can earn 10% recurring revenue for every customer you refer to Minute Creative.

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Sign up as a partner (it’s free!) and you’ll get a unique referral code to invite others. Using this code, your referrals will get an exclusive 10% off their first three months.

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Once your referrals pay for their subscription, you earn 10% of every transaction for as long as they’re a Minute Creative customer.

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Join our referral program and get a reward, if you are:

✅ Our current or former client
✅ Manager at enterprise
✅ Sales professional
✅ Marketing/design agency
✅ IT entrepreneur

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Sales Consultants
Earn 10% cut for every customer you bring to Minute Creative

Start Earning Your Passive Income Without Any Actual Side Hustle

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Here’s How Much You Could Be Earning

Hello, passive income. Just imagine this type of cashflow rolling into your bank account every single month, courtesy of your pals at Minute Creative.

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“In addition to doing my full-time job as a head of sales for a SaaS company, I have contracted a team of SDRs which have helped me earn thousands in recurring revenue. It’s a win-win-win.”
Saumit Simon
Head of Sales and Minute Creative Partner

Last Year We Paid More Than $10,000 in Referral Rewards

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Turn Your Influence Into Recurring Revenue

Earn 10% cut for every customer you bring to Minute Creative

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