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Our Growth Expertise

Our top 1% team is made up of Branding, UI/UX, Development and Marketing legends in the Fintech and SaaS space that has 10+ years of experience in helping brands grow and capture a greater market!

harsh makwana ceo/founder of minute creative

Harsh Makwana

Founder, Minute Creative

Harsh Makwana is a UI/UX Designer turned Founder. After working with dozens of first-time founders and observing the challenges they face, he started his own Independent Webflow Design Agency to address the question of "Why do 90% of websites fail to generate an ROI?".

Now, Harsh works with first-time Founders as a growth partner to help them avoid the common mistakes that every first-time Founder makes while growing and scaling their business.

Over the past year, he has worked hard to create a GROWTH framework for first-time Founders that addresses these challenges and provides them with the best possible solution to achieve the highest ROI!
maitrik makwana cto/co-founder of minute creative

Maitrik Makwana

Co-Founder & CTO, Minute Creative

As CTO, I blend my passion for web development with a mission to empower Indian startups. My role involves ensuring a seamless transition from design to development by creating SOPs.

Over the years, I've designed, developed, and maintained websites, contributing to the success of numerous projects.We're driven by the vision of propelling startups to success through Webflow-powered websites and ROI-driven strategies. Beyond work, I'm an enthusiastic photographer and a fan of Kakashi Hatake, and I love gaming, anime, and helping others in the Webflow and design communities grow.
megha nagar fintech growth expert

Megha Nagar

Fintech Growth Expert

Megha is a seasoned UI/UX designer based in New Delhi, India. With a remarkable six years in the design field, she has built a reputation for her innovative approach and meticulous attention to detail.

Throughout her journey, Megha has curated a diverse portfolio, collaborating with clients worldwide. Specialising in the fintech industry, she has emerged as a niche designer, showcasing a profound understanding of the intricate design challenges within this sector.

What sets her apart is her commitment to data-driven design decisions, seamlessly integrating extensive user research into her workflow. Her dedication goes beyond creating visually stunning interfaces; she ensures an optimal user experience.

Want to inject some personality and increase your ARR using data-driven design for your brand? She's got your back!
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The top 1% talent and it’s agency Founders (All in one!)

The agency Founders and Partners shown above are hand-picked and vetted by Minute Creative personally over a span of multiple projects where they brought unmatched value to their clients!

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Our approach to design, development and marketing brings solid growth and scalability.
This combination has brought our clients massive success, and has made us a leader in this area!

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