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What’s our UI UX design process?

A flexible and time-tested process that has helped dozens of startups launch and scale quickly.


Ideation & Evaluation

During this phase, we gather information about your company. We want to learn about your business goals, target audience, unique value proposition, current state, and vision for future.

Together with your team, we collect all the necessary data to meet your needs by conducting a discovery workshop.


Research & Analysis

In the this phase, we design site and content map for your website so that it set ups the foundation to achieve your business goals.

We figure out how to reach your audience most effectively by analysing website UI UX and marketing funnels of your competitors.


UX Design

It’s the time when we can finally design the website's skeleton. We outline structure and information architecture based on the previous research outputs for individual pages. Through the wireframes for desktop and mobile devices, we put effort into designing the best possible user experience.

When wireframes are ready, we present them to stakeholders, discuss them, and revise them according to the feedback.


Research & Analysis

UI design is a process in which we add a beautiful appearance to the previously built skeleton in wireframes. We focus here on how the website will look and its style, all the time keeping in mind its functionality, stakeholders' aim, and the best user experience.

We aim to find the balance between a website that is easy to use and pleasurable to look at in this stage.


Dev Handoff

Development is an integral part of the entire process, which helps our ideas come alive. We work closely with developers to make sure what we have designed is developed exactly to each pixel by our extensive QA process.

Clients we've built websites for

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Website redesign of boise cascade website

Redesign for the biggest building materials manufacturer in USA



What we did

The redesign focuses on highlighting the trust factors & metrics to increase the conversion rate along with awesome animations to spice up the website.

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High converting website for a restaurant in Chicago


Hotel / Restaurant

What we did

The redesign focuses on bringing life to the old website using a modern look and with focus on its brand values.

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Our clients are amazed by their website designs

"They have set a new standard for us on how to work with creative professionals. Their loyalty first lies to their client's brand, emotions, and situations, and then to their frameworks and techniques."

Photo of Namit Oberoy

Namit Oberoy

Indian Legal Tech

"They have a great eye for detail and are very dedicated to their client's brand and project goals.”

Photo of Arun Srinivasan

Arun Srinivasan


“The Minute Creative team is full of super creative, organized, good communicators with high analytical skills."

Photo of Jona Agolli

Jona Agolli

Indian Legal Tech

"Minute Creative was a creative partner that we needed in shaping our vision for what was possible. They delivered on what was requested and often explored beyond to uncover opportunities to make something truly special."

Jatin Makwana Cofounder of Alankar Electronics photo in pink shirt

Jatin Makwana

Alankar Electronics


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