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Is Webflow Worth Learning? [Updated 2023]

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Webflow has emerged as one of the most popular no-code web development tools, enabling designers, developers, and marketers to create custom websites without extensive coding knowledge. In this blog, we'll explore why Webflow is the future of web development and why you should consider using it for your next project.

Why consider using Webflow?

This blog attends to that question. Let’s get into it…

01. Webflow is more than just a template-based tool:

Image credit: webflow

Unlike many other no-code web development tools, Webflow offers a visual interface that allows you to customize every aspect of your website. Whether you're a designer, developer, or marketer, you can create a unique website that stands out from the crowd.

02. Webflow has a steep learning curve:

Image credit: webflow (finsweet)

While Webflow offers a user-friendly interface, it does have a learning curve that can be challenging for beginners. You need to learn the fundamentals of the web, such as the box model, grid, flexbox, and other CSS properties. However, once you master these skills, you'll be able to create stunning websites with ease.

03. Webflow has certain limitations:

Image credit: webflow

Webflow does have some limitations

It supports:
● CMS item limit of 10,000 (or 10,000+ for the Enterprise plan)
● 100 Static pages
● limited user login/membership functionality.

Additionally it doesn't support:

● Multi-language support (Only available from third party like Polyflow)
● GDPR compliant (Webflow website can be made GDPR by using GDPR compliant forms and cookie consent by finsweet)
● Complex CMS based filtering (Only available from third party agency like finsweet)

04. Webflow is the future of web development:

Image credit: Wized

As the web evolves, Webflow is positioning itself as a powerful tool that can create not just static pages but also membership/subscription-based, e-commerce, and dynamic web apps. With Webflow, you can future-proof your web development skills and stay ahead of the curve.

Want to learn webflow?

Start here: Learn web design with free video courses and tutorials | Webflow University

Until next time 👋

Maitrik Makwana

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