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There are a lot of things developers worry about while developing the site to publishing it. These plugins help developers develop sites in a much easier way.

  1. Wappalyzer
  2. BuiltWith Technology Profiler
  3. WhatFont
  4. CSS Pepper
  5. CSS Spy
  6. WCAG Color Contrast Checker
  7. Website SEO Checker
  8. UberSuggest

1. Wappalyzer

Wappalyzer is used to find technologies used to build the website.

theharshmak website hero section photo with an overlay of wappalyzer plugin usage
Image-credit: Wappalyzer theharshmak

It helps you find which website builder was used to develop the website. It also shows which language, framework, and web servers the website is currently using. Wappalyzer’s paid plan provides a feature called lead list where you can submit a list of several websites at once and they give you information about the technologies used by the submitted websites.

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2. BuiltWith Technology Profiler

BuiltWith is used to find technologies used to build the website.

BuiltWith Technology website photo of a "website using webflow"
Image-credit: BuiltWith

BuiltWith Technology Profiler is similar to Wappalyzer but provides in-depth details about the technologies like a list of websites using a particular framework, page builder, web servers, analytics, tracking, etc

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3. WhatFont

WhatFont is used to identify fonts on web pages.

theharshmak website  showing font size of heading 1 with the help of WhatFont Plugin
Image Credit: WhatFont theharshmak

Shared view of theharshmak website to twitter to show people font used in a website with the help of WhatFont plugin
Image Credit: WhatFont theharshmak

On clicking text element, it provides text style information such as font-family, font-weight, font size, line-height, color, etc. It also allows us to tweet about the typeface used on the website.

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4. CSS Peeper

Inspect CSS Styles instantly.

CSS Peeper plugin used in theharshmak website shows basic CSS properties like font family, font size, line height, text-align, letter-spacing class, fill color, background color, applied to the element, margin size from all four direction (top, bottom, left, right)
Image-credit: CSS Peeper theharshmak

Select any object on the web to get detailed information about CSS properties like margin, padding, div size, div name, div background/ fill color, etc. in an organized format. In addition, it also provides text style information like text style name, font-family, font size, line height, letter spacing, font color, text alignment, etc.

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5. CSS Spy

CSS Spy is used for obtaining detailed CSS information about the web element.

In this SoftwareSeni website, it shows the all CSS properties of an element.
Image Credit: CSS Spy

CSS Spy shows the style of hero section heading in theharshmak website
Image Credit: CSS Spy theharshmak

CSS Spy provides div name and div size just by hovering over an element on a web page. CSS Spy provides detailed information about CSS Properties ranging from the background, background-color, background-image, background-position to every possible CSS style you may use in the future. It also allows you to compare two different CSS styles. You can also turn on different CSS properties like min-height, max-height, float, padding-directions, etc for inspection.

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6. WCAG Color contrast checker

WCAG is used for checking the contrast between background and element on a web page.

WCAG Color contrast plugin shows the contrast error and correct contrast level applied in theharshmak website
Image-credit: WCAG Color contrast checker

WCAG Color contrast checker is used to check if the elements in your webpage are following accessibility principles according to WCAG. It also provides a preview of how people with vision disabilities will see the website. It also tells us which element doesn’t have enough contrast for a vision-impaired person to be able to read it easily. Directly inside the plugin, it enables us to check the contrast just by changing the color of it and then clicking on the check contrast button, simple as that.

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7. Website SEO Checker: Free Audit & Analysis

Sample data report shown from Free SEO Checker plugin
Image-credit: Website SEO Checker

SEO report of theharshmak website from sitechecker plugin
Image-credit: Website SEO Checker theharshmak

Website SEO Checker checks for the things required for a good SEO ranking and helps us improve ranking by providing current SEO problems and their solutions. It also generates our page speed/load score for both desktop and mobile.

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Get SEO insights for every website and keyword you search on google.

UberSuggest keyword research metric from google search of thefutur query
Image-credit: Ubersuggest

UberSuggest stocks search data from search volume, SEO Difficultly, Cost Per Click, Searcher's age range data.
Image-credit: Ubersuggest

UberSuggest helps your website rank higher in google, youtube and amazon by using certain specific keywords which are obtained from suggested keywords by UberSuggest and from keyword search details.

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