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Miho is a children's clothing brand that specialises in manufacturing organic wear for kids. Their clothing is known for its softness, thoughtful design for comfort, and certification ensuring no harmful chemicals are involved in the production process.

UX Strategy
UX Design
Website Design
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The brand "Miho" is on a mission to address the problem of fast fashionand the environmental damage caused by the use of synthetic materialsin the clothing industry. Fast fashion has a significant negative impact onthe environment due to the production and disposal of synthetic particlesand waste.


Miho aims to solve this problem by sourcing recycled and recyclablefibers and treating them with herbal extracts derived from Ayurveda.Skilled artisans handcraft the fibers into garments to minimize wasteand promote sustainability.

Our mission is to create environmentally friendly and sustainable kids' wear that reduces the impact on the environment and promotes wellness through the use of natural materials.


Competitive Analysis

We conducted a comprehensive analysis of our competitors in order to better understand the market and the offerings they provide to their target audience.This information helps us stay ahead of the competition and make well-informed decisions.

Insights From Analysis


To enhance the user experience, we meticulously organized the information within the app to ensure ease of use. Our main goal was to make it effortless for users to find the information they need. By focusing on the arrangement and presentation of information, we aimed to create a seamless and user-friendly experience that enables users to navigate the app smoothly and access the necessary information with ease.

Information Architecture

Wireframes & Iterations

We have designed the wireframes for the application with the goal of providing users with an efficient and seamless navigation experience. Our objective was to create a solution that enables users to effortlessly navigate the app, easily access the required information, and complete tasks smoothly. By prioritizing the design of the wireframes, our aim was to deliver a user-friendly experience that simplifies app usage and enhances overall satisfaction.

Design and Deliver

Design System

Our style guide defines the design elements that determine the appearance and identity of our product and brand. It provides details on color choices, typefaces, and other visual components that have been specifically created for our customers. The guide promotes consistency in the user interface, which is crucial for establishing a strong brand identity and building customer loyalty and trust.

Final Design

After conducting thorough research, we have finalized the design for the app. Our goal was to create an appealing interface that enhances the user experience and simplifies navigation. The design integrates feedback collected during the research phase to provide a comprehensive and user-friendly app that meets the needs of our customers. Our objective is to deliver an app that effectively fulfills its purpose and offers a seamless experience.

The product detail page has been designed to provide customers with all the necessary information they look for before purchasing a product for their kids. It includes a description, contents, price, and the option to select the quantity of the product. The aim of this design is to create a clean and minimal page that allows customers to read and calmly decide about the product.

The Personalized Gifting page allows customers to create a customized gift hamper for kids' clothing, making it a unique and thoughtful present for their loved ones. The page offers a wide range of customization options to cater to individual preferences, all with the aim of creating a warm, affectionate, and welcoming atmosphere for customers who visit the page.

Harsh Makwana
While at Confetti Design Studio
Next Steps

The website has been developed. The brand aims to provide sustainable children's clothing made from natural fibers, which is 100% recyclable.
You can view the website at:

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Proven track record of delivering outstanding products that meet the needs of the users, as well as the business goals of the company. Their ideas played a pivotal role in launching our product in record time.”
Parushi Garg
Founder, Miho

“They have set a new standard for us on how to work with creative professionals. Their loyalty first lies to their client's brand, emotions, and situations, and then to their frameworks and techniques.”

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Namit Oberoy

Founder, Sidebar Advisory

“Minute Creative team has a proven track record of delivering outstanding products that meet the needs of the users, as well as the business goals of the company. Their ideas played a pivotal role in launching our product in record time.”

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Hridesh Kapur

CTO, StockPe

“We couldn't be happier with the quality of the final deliverables. It's reassuring to work with a team that not only understands our requirements but also supports us in making tough decisions.”

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Arun Srinivasan

Founder, Slarity

“From the initial ideation stage to the final product, the team was involved in every step. The attention to detail was exceptional, and the final product exceeded our expectations.”

suvam sahoo founder of knox

Suvam Sahoo

Founder, Knox

“The Minute Creative team is full of super creative, organised, good communicators with high analytical skills and they have always over-delivered.”

artjona agolli project manager at indian legal tech

Artjona Agolli

Project Manager, Indian Legal Tech

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