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Vibcare Pharma: Pharmaceutical Website

UI/UX : 2022

Vibcare Pharma Pvt. Ltd. is a growing PCD Pharma company in India and is committed to increasing access to high-quality healthcare by developing, producing, and marketing affordable pharmaceutical products in Domestic as well as African, CIS, and South Asian Markets. We provide fully integrated contract manufacturing and development solutions to our customers, from early development to high-volume commercial manufacturing and packaging. Vibcare is uniquely positioned to serve as the pharmaceutical industry’s preferred strategic partner.


  • The product section is completely revamped and provided with the feature to “sort” & “Filter” products. Now, one can just slide to view the medicines of a specific company.
  • A banner for the testimonial has been put in the homepage, which will help in generating the trust of the first time customer.
  • A separate page has been provided to enquire about and apply for the PCD Franchise, making it easy for the customer to locate and get to know more about it.
  • The performance of the website is finally optimized, making the website easy to load.

Website Audit

A website audit was conducted to identify any issues with the interface and the experience the website intends to offer its customers. The audit revealed several obstacles that were hindering the company’s growth and preventing its customers from smoothly navigating through the website. As a result, the audit proved to be extremely helpful in optimizing the website and improving the overall user experience by removing these obstacles.

Insights from Audit

Competitive Analysis

We carried out an in-depth analysis of the competitors to assess Vibcare Pharma’s market position compared to other players. This analysis consisted of a thorough examination of the competition in the industry to gain a clear understanding of both the market and Vibcare’s place within it. The findings were very significant for Vibcare to enhance their offerings and maintain a strong competitive edge in the market.

Insights from Analysis


Information Architecture

Our Information Architecture (IA) approach emphasizes the organization, categorization, and labeling of the content to ensure its accessibility and longevity. The main objective of IA is to simplify the process of information hierarchy and task completion for users by providing them with a clear and intuitive structure for the content at hand.


The User Flow for the brand “Vibcare” is designed to provide effortless and seamless navigation to the customers. The user flow is designed considering the customer’s needs and their journey on the website, which ensures that they can find the information which they require easily. The user flow guides the customer to send an inquiry to the franchise owner, or to get the pricelist from the homepage of the website.

The user flow has been optimized to be intuitive, ensuring that customers can complete their tasks with minimal frustration.

Wireframes & Iterations

We used wireframes to arrange the content and functionalities on a page, considering the client’s requirement & to establish the basic page structure before incorporating the given visual design and content at the beginning of a project to obtain client approval for the layout of critical pages and navigation which will in return help the company and the customers to achieve the desired goals without any hassle.

Design and Deliver

Design System

We have created a design system that consists of a range of reusable UI components. This system includes all the UI elements & components, that are utilized throughout the design process, making it more efficient and seamless. The design system has been put in the place to achieve consistency, as it clearly outlines the important design elements such as colors, typography, and spacing, which results in a consistent look and feel across the screens.

Final Design

Handoff and Q/A

Upon completion of the project, it was handed over to the developers for further stages in the development process. We maintain close collaboration with these developers to guarantee the product’s excellence.

Next Steps

The website is currently being developed and will undergo a thorough quality analysis. This process helps to ensure that the end product provides a seamless user experience to the target audience.

Client review