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Finurja: Fintech Mobile App

UI/UX : 2022

Finurja is a financial technology (fintech) company that aims to revolutionize the way people manage their money. The company leverages technology to provide innovative solutions for individuals to better track, manage and make informed decisions about their finances. Finurja provides a platform for people to aggregate all their financial accounts into one place, giving them a clear view of their financial status.


Indian population between ages 35-45 in tier 3 & 4 cities have less financial awareness. They are not very tech-savvy people so they use a diary to manage and track their expenses.

Finurja reached out to us to build a product that can replace the outdated methods of finance management.


We created Finurja app with the philisophy of “simplifcation.” We used accessibility guidelines to build a high contrast and less cluttered app for our users. We also used the shortest and simplest user flows to make the app navigation easier and reduce drop-offs.

We also added blogs & byte-sized video content to raise financial awareness for the app users. We also added features like passbook updates, checking balances, expense tracking, etc. that helped user manage their finances.

Target Audience

We divided our target users into two groups:

Target User 1: is not very tech savvy and finds it hard to navigate complex user flows and cluttered apps. He will use the app for its basic features initially.

Target User 2: is tech savvy and is capable of navigating complex user flows and will use the app for its advanced features

Competitive Analysis

Our goal was to get a clearer picture of the industry through a thorough examination of the competition. This involved studying our competitors and evaluating their strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities. The outcome of this analysis provided the deep insights which helped our client to be different among the competitors in the market which eventually help “Finurja” to remain competitive in the market, and provide better service to their users.

Insights from Analysis


The goal is to provide and educate the users how to invest and the risks once could bear, so the aim was to meticulously arrange the information within the app. Our focus was to make it simple for the users to find the information they need without any hassle. By prioritizing the arrangement and display of information, we aimed to create a user-friendly experience that enables users to easily navigate the app and effortlessly access the required information.

Information Architecture

For phase 1, we focused on target user group 1 to help them become familiar with app’s features like checking balances, transactions, updating passbook and adding investments.

Wireframes & Iterations

Once we had understood our target users and the product architecture, we started creating wireframes with the goal of finding the simplest and shortest user path to achieve particular user goals.

Some of the user goals were:
Check overview, bank balances and transactions
Update the passbook
Figure out anomalies
Add, update and view investments

Final Design

Hassle free management

This application is designed keeping our primary target audience in mind who is not very tech savvy and also our secondary target audience who is capable of navigating complex user flows and will use the app for its advanced features. So while catering to both audiences our aim was to educate and help them to manage their finances effectively. By providing clear and concise information about budgeting, investment planning, debt management, and other financial topics, the app helps users make informed decisions about their finances.

Convenient platform

The app eliminates the need for users to physically visit their banks to keep track of their transactions. Instead, with just a few clicks, users can easily update and view transactions from all of their bank accounts that have been added to the app on their phones. This feature provides a comprehensive overview of all transactions made through the linked bank accounts, saving users time and effort.

Easy access

The primary aim of the application is to simplify the process of daily finance management for its users. To achieve this, the application brings all of a user’s financial accounts together into one convenient platform. This centralization of financial information makes it easy for users to see a clear picture of their financial situation, including their income, spending, and debts.

Handoff and Q/A

The final design was divided into two components. The first part consisted of relatively simple screens, intended for users who may have difficulty navigating complex user flows. These screens are intended for individuals who will primarily be using the app for basic features.

The second part of the final design is more sophisticated and is meant for users who are comfortable navigating through complex user interfaces. This section of the design provides access to a wider range of features and functionalities, allowing users to fully optimize their experience with the app.

Next Steps

The project’s design phase ended in early June followed by the development of the app which will be used by Finurja to gather seed funding.