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Chipn: Website

UI/UX Design: 2021-22

Chipn is a FinTech startup based in India. The platform is targeted for young adults to help them automatically save and invest every time they make an expenditure. The scope of the project was to revamp Chipn’s landing page and get it ready for consumers.

Design Process

As experienced designers, we were responsible for both strategy and the final visual output of this product.


We started with the audit of the current website to identify the scope of improvement.

An in-depth competitor analysis of Razorpay, Revolut, CRED, Ivella, Zest, Brex, Chime, Groww, Klarna, Jupiter, Plaid, etc. was done to understand the Industry benchmark.


Describing USP clearly is important to help users understand the product and make a decision quickly without getting confused.

Chipn’s core feature is the variety of investment methods it provides to the user which are:

  • Including One-Time Investment
  • Round-Up Investment
  • Percentage Based Investment
  • Recurring Investment

Design System

The UI design process started with creating a consistent design system which included a cohesive system of buttons, typography, color palette, dialogue boxes, popups, etc.

The design system also includes a light-mode UI with a sea-blue accent, which evokes trust for the mobile app.


Wireframing was done to explore the usability in the initial stages. This allows us to brainstorm and make any changes with minimal effort.

We started with the mobile-first approach as it helps us create designs with better UX for the majority of users on the internet.

UI Design

The UI is full of colorful custom credit card templates, which mimic real credit cards that are present in the user’s physical wallet. Secondly, The core sections of the app (onboarding & Investment strategies) are full of playful 3-D Illustrations. These 3-D Illustrations are based on the latest design trends and make the app approachable and Gen-Z-centric.

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